Andrew Stelzer: Radio & Print Journalist
For Alcoholic Residents at Dann’s House, ‘It Feels Like Home’
For Alcoholic Residents at Dann’s House, ‘It Feels Like Home’: This summer morning, like every day, the case manager went on a beer run around 9 a.m. READ
Low-Power Radio Station Fights AIDS in New Orleans: WHIV is on the air and trying to change public perceptions. READ
5 Years After BP: In Conversation With Antonia Juhasz: One of the foremost experts on the oil industry says five years after the BP disaster, the Gulf of Mexico is struggling to recover, and the oil companies appear to have learned very little. READ
The Fight Over Gang Injunctions: An in depth look at the battle both inside and outside the courtroom, over this controversial crime fighting tool. READ
Awash in Foreclosure: In Detroit, an unpaid water bill can mean the loss of a child, or your home. READ
The End of the Greek Menu-Barker: In the Greek community of Tarpon Springs, Florida, a tradition going back ages is forced to an end. READ
Sameeh Hammoudeh–Free in Palestine at Last: A visit to the home of a formerly accused Palestinian terrorist. READ
I’m, Um…Canadian: Encounters with Americans who lie about their nationality when traveling. READ
I Shouldn’t Have a Choice: A afternoon outside the only abortion clinic in the state of Mississippi. READ
Arab Voices Speak to American Hearts: An author serves as communicator between two cultures, seemingly a world apart. READ
Anarchist Cheerleader Elected: Can a 'radical' make change from inside the system? READ
Official Bigotry: A ban on gay pride and an increase on hate crimes on GLBT people, make Central Florida a scary place. READ
Inside a Halliburton Job Fair: Army recuitment may be down, but economic hardship keeps the troops of Halliburton at high levels READ
Farmworkers Win Fight For Pay Raise From Burger King: A series of print and radio stories about the Coalition of Immokalee Workers READ
A Dark Night in Iceland: Will Iceland allow the privatization of its rich clean-energy resources? READ
Cleaning up Egypt’s White Desert: Egyptians and foreigners brave the 115 degree heat to pick up trash for a week, in an effort to keep a national treasure pristine. READ
Egypt’s Cartoon Revolution: For these young political cartoonists in Cairo, every issue of their newspaper is a sophisticated dance with the Egyptian governments' limits of free speech and censorship. READ