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Criminalizing Mental Illness
Criminalizing Mental Illness: How the country’s jails have become our default mental health treatment centers. LISTEN
For Chronic Alcoholics, ‘Wet Houses’ Offer a Home: "Shelters have kind of been the same way they are for over 100 years." LISTEN
Librarians on the Line: Evaluating Children’s Books About Police: In a post Black Lives Matter world, children's literature hasn't necessarily kept up with the times. LISTEN
Could Free Eviction Attorneys Help Stem San Francisco’s Housing Crisis?: Proposition F is a milestone in the growing "Right to Counsel" movement LISTEN
Athletes chase competitive advantage by cutting weight: Losing 15-20 pounds in 48 hours is par for the course. LISTEN
How does Burning Man leave the desert squeaky clean?: “Burning Man has become a master in how to clean up a site after a large event like this.” LISTEN
For Alcoholic Residents at Dann’s House, ‘It Feels Like Home’: This summer morning, like every day, the case manager went on a beer run around 9 a.m. READ
Is this crime-fighting technique invading your privacy?: ShotSpotter straddles the fine line technology walks between public good and privacy bad. LISTEN
My Dad Hasn’t Had Anything to Eat or Drink in 2 years: How a seemingly horrible medical situation can lead to a new lease on life. LISTEN
Teaching medicine with fake cadavers that bleed, blink and breathe: Synthetic Cadavers and 3D Printed Kidneys could signal the future of medicine. LISTEN
Oakland Bio-Hackers Try to Make their Own Insulin: A ragtag group of non-scientists is trying to break up the big pharma monopoly on insulin. LISTEN
Legendary Squatter Takes Possession of His Home: Can the narrow legal strategy of squatting to take posession of a home help stem gentrification? LISTEN
Will the Berkeley Flea Market Survive a Changing Neighborhood?: Will gentrification squeeze out this historically African-American gathering place? LISTEN
To find the good stuff at Goodwill, go online: The king of Thriftshops is remaking its image, and wants customers to bid for items on ebay. LISTEN
Efforts to deploy drones for humanitarian purposes are hampered by public fears: Bureaucracy is keeping aid from reaching war-torn Syrians towns LISTEN
Rock Paper Scissors Is Priced Out: End of an Era for Oakland Art Scene: A seminal art gallery is the latest victim of Oakland's "coolness" -- success that it helped create. LISTEN
Low-Power Radio Station Fights AIDS in New Orleans: WHIV is on the air and trying to change public perceptions. READ
Commuter Cops: Should police have to live in the city where they work? LISTEN
Porchfest!–Musicians Take over the Streets of Napa: A year after a significant earthquake, the best of Napa was on display in their version of what's become a national phenomenon: LISTEN
5 Years After BP: In Conversation With Antonia Juhasz: One of the foremost experts on the oil industry says five years after the BP disaster, the Gulf of Mexico is struggling to recover, and the oil companies appear to have learned very little. READ
California Cities Debate Militarization of Local Police Departments: Does a community with fewer than 100,000 people need tanks and grenade launchers? LISTEN
Battle Over a Sliver of Land in Changing Oakland Neighborhood: A Porta-Potty encapsulates the pressures of gentrification. LISTEN
African Immigrants Suffer Fallout of Ebola Epidemic: African immigrant-owned businesses face Ebola stigma across the bay area. LISTEN
Turfin: Women Dance Their Way Into a Male-Dominated Scene: Female street dancers getting some shine in a male dominated scene. LISTEN
Skateboarders Try to Legalize Skatepark: Can a renegade skatepark go legit? LISTEN
The People vs. Syngenta: Jackson County, OR bans GMO crops: A rural Oregon county takes on big Ag. LISTEN
Low Power Radio Stations Vie for FCC Licenses: Small communities across the country have a historic opportunity to create their own community radio station. LISTEN
4th Graders Want Deported Classmate Back in USA: Jefferson elementary students want to "Bring Rodrigo Home!" LISTEN
Immigration Reform Would Look Different for Africans And Afro-Caribbeans: Asylum, refugees, TPS...the issues are different than for many other immigrants. LISTEN
WIll Richmond Become The First City to Tax Soda?: The soda industry is spending more than $2 million to try and defeat measure N. LISTEN
The Fight Over Gang Injunctions: An in depth look at the battle both inside and outside the courtroom, over this controversial crime fighting tool. READ
Small-Town Resistance to Migrant housing: What happens if farm workers are made to feel unwelcome in Northern Michigan? LISTEN
Protesters target Wells Fargo shareholder meeting in San Francisco: Can shareholder activism alter the financial giant's policies? LISTEN
May Day Protests Bring Together Immigrants and Occupy: Can Occupy work together with labor and immigrants rights activists to build a broader movement? LISTEN
‘Popuphood’ aims to bring new business to Old Oakland: Taking the pop-up concept to the next level LISTEN
Ecstatic Dance Builds a Following: Some are calling it 'the new yoga'. LISTEN
Immigrants Fleeing to Florida in Wake of Alabama Immigration Law: Immigrant families fleeing Alabama are finding overwhelmed social services in Florida. LISTEN
Police Crack Down on Occupy Oakland for 2nd Time in Street Clash: Police use tear gas on demonstrations against a raid on Occupy Oakland. LISTEN
Awash in Foreclosure: In Detroit, an unpaid water bill can mean the loss of a child, or your home. READ
I Shouldn’t Have a Choice: A afternoon outside the only abortion clinic in the state of Mississippi. READ
Inside a Halliburton Job Fair: Army recuitment may be down, but economic hardship keeps the troops of Halliburton at high levels READ
Supercop: Kind of like Robocop gone wrong. LISTEN
Grandma’s Last Days: Grandma is dying, and no one can hear her, except me. LISTEN
My Truck: Think you love your truck? Not as much as this guy.... LISTEN
Felons Want Their Voting Rights Restored: 2nd Place-Best Feature: 2004 Mid Florida Society of Professional Journalists Excellence in Journalism awards. LISTEN
Civil Rights Legend James Lawson: An interview with the Rev. James Lawson, one of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s co-strategists during the civil rights movement. LISTEN
Breaking Through the Blue Wall of Silence: A look at the ongoing battle between the people and the police – and the debate over who gets to decide when an officer has done something wrong. LISTEN
Saving Cypress Forests from Becoming Garden Mulch: Hurricane damage on the Gulf Coast stems in part due to the unscrupulous clearing of precious swampland. LISTEN
Burning Man’s Gift Economy: There's no money exchanged at Burning Man. Find out how it works. LISTEN
Egypt’s Cartoon Revolution: For these young political cartoonists in Cairo, every issue of their newspaper is a sophisticated dance with the Egyptian governments' limits of free speech and censorship. READ
State of Fear: Arizona’s Immigrant Crackdown: Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio turns the Phoenix, AZ area into ground zero in the battle over immigration. LISTEN