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For Chronic Alcoholics, ‘Wet Houses’ Offer a Home
For Chronic Alcoholics, ‘Wet Houses’ Offer a Home: "Shelters have kind of been the same way they are for over 100 years." LISTEN
Could Free Eviction Attorneys Help Stem San Francisco’s Housing Crisis?: Proposition F is a milestone in the growing "Right to Counsel" movement LISTEN
For Alcoholic Residents at Dann’s House, ‘It Feels Like Home’: This summer morning, like every day, the case manager went on a beer run around 9 a.m. READ
Legendary Squatter Takes Possession of His Home: Can the narrow legal strategy of squatting to take posession of a home help stem gentrification? LISTEN
Will the Berkeley Flea Market Survive a Changing Neighborhood?: Will gentrification squeeze out this historically African-American gathering place? LISTEN
Battle Over a Sliver of Land in Changing Oakland Neighborhood: A Porta-Potty encapsulates the pressures of gentrification. LISTEN
The Fight Over Gang Injunctions: An in depth look at the battle both inside and outside the courtroom, over this controversial crime fighting tool. READ
Small-Town Resistance to Migrant housing: What happens if farm workers are made to feel unwelcome in Northern Michigan? LISTEN
Protesters target Wells Fargo shareholder meeting in San Francisco: Can shareholder activism alter the financial giant's policies? LISTEN
May Day Protests Bring Together Immigrants and Occupy: Can Occupy work together with labor and immigrants rights activists to build a broader movement? LISTEN
‘Popuphood’ aims to bring new business to Old Oakland: Taking the pop-up concept to the next level LISTEN
Occupy Oakland shuts down port operations: A video report about Occupy's December 2011 west coast port shutdown. LISTEN
Immigrants Fleeing to Florida in Wake of Alabama Immigration Law: Immigrant families fleeing Alabama are finding overwhelmed social services in Florida. LISTEN
Police Crack Down on Occupy Oakland for 2nd Time in Street Clash: Police use tear gas on demonstrations against a raid on Occupy Oakland. LISTEN
Awash in Foreclosure: In Detroit, an unpaid water bill can mean the loss of a child, or your home. READ
Postville One Year After the Raid: A small town in Iowa tries to rebuild, after an immigration raid tears the community apart. LISTEN
Inside a Halliburton Job Fair: Army recuitment may be down, but economic hardship keeps the troops of Halliburton at high levels READ
Should the US Get Rid of the Penny?: The 1 cent-piece costs more than a cent to produce! Is it time to eliminate the penny? LISTEN
San Franciscans Debate Making Sitting on Sidewalk Illegal: Proposition L was accused of targeting the homeless and the poor. LISTEN
What Housing Crisis? Foreclosure Auctions are Big Business.: A visit to the surreal world of foreclosure acutions. LISTEN
Civil Rights Legend James Lawson: An interview with the Rev. James Lawson, one of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s co-strategists during the civil rights movement. LISTEN
La Tanda-A Grassroots Savings Scheme: Immigrant communities bring a new way to save money to the US. LISTEN