Andrew Stelzer: Radio & Print Journalist
Criminalizing Mental Illness
Criminalizing Mental Illness: How the country’s jails have become our default mental health treatment centers. LISTEN
Legendary Squatter Takes Possession of His Home: Can the narrow legal strategy of squatting to take posession of a home help stem gentrification? LISTEN
Press Freedom on the Front Lines: Reporters in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Honduras, and the Gaza Strip talk about the difficulties and dangers they face in order to do their jobs. LISTEN
Coalicion, Presente!: A half hour special about the Florida tomato picker' campaign and victory in their fight for higher wages from Taco Bell. LISTEN
California’s Prop 19-The end of the War on Marijuana?: How the failed legalization measure could signal changes for America's long-standing policy on marijuana prohibition. LISTEN
Breaking Through the Blue Wall of Silence: A look at the ongoing battle between the people and the police – and the debate over who gets to decide when an officer has done something wrong. LISTEN
State of Fear: Arizona’s Immigrant Crackdown: Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio turns the Phoenix, AZ area into ground zero in the battle over immigration. LISTEN