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Librarians on the Line: Evaluating Children’s Books About Police
Librarians on the Line: Evaluating Children’s Books About Police: In a post Black Lives Matter world, children's literature hasn't necessarily kept up with the times. LISTEN
Athletes chase competitive advantage by cutting weight: Losing 15-20 pounds in 48 hours is par for the course. LISTEN
How does Burning Man leave the desert squeaky clean?: “Burning Man has become a master in how to clean up a site after a large event like this.” LISTEN
My Dad Hasn’t Had Anything to Eat or Drink in 2 years: How a seemingly horrible medical situation can lead to a new lease on life. LISTEN
Will the Berkeley Flea Market Survive a Changing Neighborhood?: Will gentrification squeeze out this historically African-American gathering place? LISTEN
To find the good stuff at Goodwill, go online: The king of Thriftshops is remaking its image, and wants customers to bid for items on ebay. LISTEN
Rock Paper Scissors Is Priced Out: End of an Era for Oakland Art Scene: A seminal art gallery is the latest victim of Oakland's "coolness" -- success that it helped create. LISTEN
Low-Power Radio Station Fights AIDS in New Orleans: WHIV is on the air and trying to change public perceptions. READ
Porchfest!–Musicians Take over the Streets of Napa: A year after a significant earthquake, the best of Napa was on display in their version of what's become a national phenomenon: LISTEN
Battle Over a Sliver of Land in Changing Oakland Neighborhood: A Porta-Potty encapsulates the pressures of gentrification. LISTEN
African Immigrants Suffer Fallout of Ebola Epidemic: African immigrant-owned businesses face Ebola stigma across the bay area. LISTEN
Turfin: Women Dance Their Way Into a Male-Dominated Scene: Female street dancers getting some shine in a male dominated scene. LISTEN
Skateboarders Try to Legalize Skatepark: Can a renegade skatepark go legit? LISTEN
Low Power Radio Stations Vie for FCC Licenses: Small communities across the country have a historic opportunity to create their own community radio station. LISTEN
A Park in Florida–Property of Cuba?: Two Cuban-American communities-who arrived before and after Castro-battle for control, and the legacy of Tampa's Jose Marti Park. LISTEN
‘Popuphood’ aims to bring new business to Old Oakland: Taking the pop-up concept to the next level LISTEN
The Anonymous Artist: A true story about the fickle word of art world fame. LISTEN
Ecstatic Dance Builds a Following: Some are calling it 'the new yoga'. LISTEN
Al-Jazeera English Shunned by Cable TV: A visit to Burlington Vermont, the first city to carry the controversial station. LISTEN
Teatro Indocumentado: Undocumented Immigrants awaiting deportation write and perform a play about their lives. LISTEN
The End of the Greek Menu-Barker: In the Greek community of Tarpon Springs, Florida, a tradition going back ages is forced to an end. READ
Sameeh Hammoudeh–Free in Palestine at Last: A visit to the home of a formerly accused Palestinian terrorist. READ
I’m, Um…Canadian: Encounters with Americans who lie about their nationality when traveling. READ
Arab Voices Speak to American Hearts: An author serves as communicator between two cultures, seemingly a world apart. READ
Should the US Get Rid of the Penny?: The 1 cent-piece costs more than a cent to produce! Is it time to eliminate the penny? LISTEN
San Franciscans Debate Making Sitting on Sidewalk Illegal: Proposition L was accused of targeting the homeless and the poor. LISTEN
California’s Prop 19-The end of the War on Marijuana?: How the failed legalization measure could signal changes for America's long-standing policy on marijuana prohibition. LISTEN
La Tanda-A Grassroots Savings Scheme: Immigrant communities bring a new way to save money to the US. LISTEN
Cleaning up Egypt’s White Desert: Egyptians and foreigners brave the 115 degree heat to pick up trash for a week, in an effort to keep a national treasure pristine. READ
A Unicycle Basketball Rivalry: Puerto Rico and Berkeley California square off in the North American championships. LISTEN
A Conversation With Burning Man Founder Larry Harvey: Interview with Burning Man Founder Larry Harvey on Gift Economies LISTEN
Burning Man’s Gift Economy: There's no money exchanged at Burning Man. Find out how it works. LISTEN
Egypt’s Cartoon Revolution: For these young political cartoonists in Cairo, every issue of their newspaper is a sophisticated dance with the Egyptian governments' limits of free speech and censorship. READ