Andrew Stelzer: Radio & Print Journalist
Criminalizing Mental Illness
Criminalizing Mental Illness: How the country’s jails have become our default mental health treatment centers. LISTEN
For Chronic Alcoholics, ‘Wet Houses’ Offer a Home: "Shelters have kind of been the same way they are for over 100 years." LISTEN
Librarians on the Line: Evaluating Children’s Books About Police: In a post Black Lives Matter world, children's literature hasn't necessarily kept up with the times. LISTEN
For Alcoholic Residents at Dann’s House, ‘It Feels Like Home’: This summer morning, like every day, the case manager went on a beer run around 9 a.m. READ
Is this crime-fighting technique invading your privacy?: ShotSpotter straddles the fine line technology walks between public good and privacy bad. LISTEN
Legendary Squatter Takes Possession of His Home: Can the narrow legal strategy of squatting to take posession of a home help stem gentrification? LISTEN
Efforts to deploy drones for humanitarian purposes are hampered by public fears: Bureaucracy is keeping aid from reaching war-torn Syrians towns LISTEN
Commuter Cops: Should police have to live in the city where they work? LISTEN
California Cities Debate Militarization of Local Police Departments: Does a community with fewer than 100,000 people need tanks and grenade launchers? LISTEN
Gang Injunctions: Problem or Solution?: A crime fighting tool or guilt by association? LISTEN
The Fight Over Gang Injunctions: An in depth look at the battle both inside and outside the courtroom, over this controversial crime fighting tool. READ
Can a 1-day Ceasefire Bring Peace to Oakland?: East Oakland Organizers Plan A Day Without Violence LISTEN
May Day Protests Bring Together Immigrants and Occupy: Can Occupy work together with labor and immigrants rights activists to build a broader movement? LISTEN
Movement to End Mexico’s Drug War — 1 Year in, Any Progress?: A year after the killing of Juan Francisco Sicilia, senseless death continues in Mexico. LISTEN
Police Crack Down on Occupy Oakland for 2nd Time in Street Clash: Police use tear gas on demonstrations against a raid on Occupy Oakland. LISTEN
Emerging Movement in Mexico Against the Drug War: Could the words of a poet end the drug war in Mexico? LISTEN
Racial Tension High In St. Petersburg: Honorable Mention: General Reporting-2004 Mid Florida Society of Professional Journalists. LISTEN
Felons Want Their Voting Rights Restored: 2nd Place-Best Feature: 2004 Mid Florida Society of Professional Journalists Excellence in Journalism awards. LISTEN
San Franciscans Debate Making Sitting on Sidewalk Illegal: Proposition L was accused of targeting the homeless and the poor. LISTEN
California’s Prop 19-The end of the War on Marijuana?: How the failed legalization measure could signal changes for America's long-standing policy on marijuana prohibition. LISTEN
Breaking Through the Blue Wall of Silence: A look at the ongoing battle between the people and the police – and the debate over who gets to decide when an officer has done something wrong. LISTEN
State of Fear: Arizona’s Immigrant Crackdown: Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio turns the Phoenix, AZ area into ground zero in the battle over immigration. LISTEN